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City Tax

Is the City Tax (bed tax) of the City of Cologne included in the daily price?

If not specifically indicated in our offer, the overall price of your reservation does not include a City Tax (bed tax). For sojourns of 2 months or shorter the City of Cologne imposes a fee of 5% on the total amount for lodging (including VAT). This additional fee is to be paid by the guest. If required verification from the City of Cologne is provided, business expenses are exempt. We refer to: Satzung zur Erhebung einer Kulturförderabgabe im Gebiet der Stadt Köln (Articles on the imposition of a City Tax (bed tax) in the City of Cologne).

My stay in Cologne is occupationally mandatory. Must I still pay the City Tax (bed tax)?

No, business travelers are exempt from Cologne City Tax if they provide the required forms (filled-in and signed) upon arrival. You can download the necessary documents here, which you can then hand over to us upon arrival or send prior arrival to us via e-mail/scan.
Official Form
(For employees only valid with proof of payment made by employer or confirmation form signed and stamped by the employer: Official Form)

Where can I find information on the City Tax (bed tax) of the City of Cologne?

The City of Cologne website provides all necessary information (in German only):
Häufig gestellte Fragen zur Kulturförderabgabe